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Derek Browne

Financial Advisor

Now I remember everything about my friends, family, customers and prospects

Derek Brown is a financial adviser - helping his clients with every aspect of their finances from mortgages to investments and from insurance to tax planning. 'Financial advisers must have two separate skills. Firstly, they must know about all the financial products available (there are, literally,...
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Jack Croshaw

Architecture Student

Studying for exams has become effortless

Jack Croshaw is a second year architecture student. He took the Course in Memory and Concentration in order to reduce the time he spent studying. 'Architecture requires better A'level results than medicine or the law. I am expected to study for a minimum of 70 hours a week and if I fail any one...
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Carmel Murphy

Secretary and Mother

I have learned two new languages

Carmel Murphy has two school age children and works three days a week as a secretary in a building society. She has used her memory skills to learn French and Spanish. 'I always wanted to study languages but because I had a memory like a sieve it seemed impossible. Now, after just a few months, I...
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Jim Storm


Perfect recall of facts and figures has transformed my career.

Jim Storm is a well-known businessman, public speaker and author. He took the Course in Memory and Concentration at the end of 2005 and says it has already made him money. 'I specialise in import and export at the moment. This requires me to know about thousands of different products and to...
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Hubert Newman

Retired Teacher

It has put an end to the frustration of constantly forgetting things

For Hubert Newman, now in his late 70s, the course has meant peace of mind. 'I no longer waste time or become irritated with myself because I can't remember an obvious word or fact. Studying the course was simplicity itself. I resisted the temptation to rush through the whole thing in one sitting...