Never forget an important date

Ever get the feeling you had something important to do today? Or perhaps you constantly check the calendar every week for reminders? It can be incredibly frustrating try to remember something which has just slipped your mind, especially when you know the information! Certain details, such as names, dates or places are small but highly important details which can have a huge impact if forgotten. Similarly, remembering phone numbers, quotes, appointments and ideas can make daily life much easier if you do not have to constantly refer to a calendar or address book.

Our course can help.

After taking the course, your improved cognitive ability will never let you down again; never leave you angry at yourself for your forgetfulness and being driven mad trying to remember! You will be able to rid yourself of your outdated calendar and never have to write another shopping list again. The course is beneficial for all ages and can help you never forget an important detail again.

Dr Furst’s courses results speak for themselves. With over three million participants taking part, the results have been proven time and time again.

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