Learn A Language

The brain is stimulated by new concepts, ideas and challenges. Learning a language can be the perfect way to reinvigorate your mind. It is enjoyable, thought-provoking and has the potential to be very impressive. However, learning a second (or third) language requires a large amount of cognitive capacity in the early stages. There is a large amount of information which needs to be understood and available to the individual, made even more difficult if you do not surround yourself in the language.

This course is ideal if you are keen to become a linguist. In addition to your increased memory skills aiding your learning, you will speak much more accurately and fluently as you are able to pick up slight differences in tense, situation and so forth. Furthermore, you will speak with a much better accent as you subconsciously pick up subtle changes in pronunciation.

Learning a language is a wonderful skill which can change your life if done well. It can open the door to new experiences, new cultures, travel, relocation or even a new career! Our course can help make mastering a language easier – thanks to your memory skills – and you will be happily chatting with native speakers before you know it!
Dr Bruno Furst was the first person in the world to study and understand how human memory functions and to develop a proven method whereby anyone could improve his or her own memory skills. His course has been completed successfully by over three million participants.